Friday, 29 November 2013

As I move North

As I gaze outside,
I see myself getting closer.
With winds blowing, so fast
I feel frightened.
so, to ease my flimsy mind
I try to get sleep which seems inconceivable
for I am excited to see home.

Journey seems traceless
but my mind is set for the target.

As I move north
I feel safe,
it keeps me reminding that I am on my way
As I move, further
I feel colder, signifying home,
Home that I have longed for days.

When the train stops on station
I see people with patient less faces
wanting all to hop in
Now and then, we see seller’s
with sweets, tea, fruits and cold drinks and so on,
shouting their possession to be passed on
as I grape one and swallow
it gives me the fervour to stay awake

With each passing second
I feel closer
my nerve gets the information
that I am not much far from home.

Thoughts are surrounded by parents,
my love escorts them
with my sisters awaiting together
I dream my family standing there,
and all I need is to be there, together.

Sunday, 24 November 2013

My another Mother

I feel blessed to have you,
With all those love and care for me,
Heaven gifted me with another mother,
I feel safe, secured and protected.

I have seen our mother in you,
You have inherited everything of our mother,
You remind me of her,
I feel like having another mother,
Yes, I do have two mothers,
and I bow to you both and ask you for your eternal love and care.

From toe to head,
From heart to brain,
I see mother in you,
It is needless to admit that you resemble her,
For you are my second mother.

The looks, the manners and everything,
Just reminds me of our mother.
I love you my sister,
You have always been the best answer.

I thank you with all my heart,
I might have been rough in times,
But you made things much simple
You were my best friend, my best sister and my another mother,
I love you so much.

Saturday, 16 November 2013

I hope everyone is doing well.

The number of people that one encounters in life is extraordinary outnumbered, we encounter so many people that it is impossible to count. However, only some becomes our friend, and some becomes more than just simple friends, close friend for that matter and the remaining are left as strangers for all our life though we have seen each other. From the day one of our life to the last day of our life we encounter with numerous people, some while walking through the street, some in schools, some in colleges, some in offices, some in playgrounds, some in parties and so on. There are so many ways that one meets another but then in a matter of seconds we get departed. We know them but our life goes on and we gets to know new people where we adjust ourselves with them.

For instance, my friends from high school and me are now no longer together, we are separated by distance and the medium to meet is very limited. Now they have met new people with whom they have adjusted themselves and me on the other hand has also met new friends with whom I have adjusted myself. Now we meet rarely but we miss each other. I hope you all are doing well.

We meet our old friends somehow in the busy street of life. As I see them, I wave my hands to greet them hello and I leave them waving them good stay and promising to meet again in future. I hope all my friends are doing well, I hope they are doing good and having successful lives. I wish them good fortunes, good health and good life. I have so many friends with whom I have met, somehow in life and there are thousands with whom I will become friend, so I convey my warm regards to all my friends. I love you all.

I hope, you all have not forgotten me yet. And I also hope you all are doing well with your lives all set. Please miss me for I miss you all. We meet in blue moons but I hope you all are doing good, having fun and are doing successful. It is a short life we say but I am sure we will all meet again in life, do speak when we meet and if you are busy, a smile will do for it conveys your message to me. Through this short piece of writing, I convey my warm regards to all my friends; I hope everyone is doing well. I am also doing well and I hope to see you all, somehow, someday in life.

Friday, 8 November 2013

Things I have heard...

Note: There are three different points elaborated below. Those are the points made in one of the Hindi movies that I have watched and I found it worthy to be shared.

The first point is that, the main purpose of humankind to visit temples is for the purpose of business. We see people visiting temples, monasteries etc. to pray only for themselves. We pray for dollar, health, power, status etc. all for our own personal need. We never say, ' how are you doing God or hope you are doing well God'. If the believe of God providing us with wealth, health, power etc. is not there then will there be a single person going forward and making offerings. It is some kind of business we are doing, we offer them butter lamps, incense, milks and in return we ask for our wishes to be granted, which are infinite and unlimited. Here, we can see how greedy we are indeed.

Most of the people while watching discovery channels, geography channels, etc. where it shows the scenes where tiger, leopard, etc. hunts their prey, for instance deer. We pray for the those prey to escape and hate the predator. If the prey is captured and killed we pity them, pray for their souls and if they escape then our hearts tend to be relax, we feel happy and then we close our televisions and we go for our lunch or dinner for that matter, but in those meals, we eat fish, chicken, beef, pork etc. Surprisingly we do not pity them at all. How can it be, we pity for that animal and now you are eating one. You hate that tiger but interestingly you too are a tiger for that matter for those fish, pig, cow etc.

We eat fish; hundreds of thousands of people are always seen catching fish every day, there are also thousands of people hunting animals. We kill them every day in hundreds and thousands. However, if there is an incident where a shark has ate human or were a snake has bitten a person then it will be subject to breaking news. We will see the news in newspapers, in television news etc. people will make it a big issue. But on the other, we kill them in thousands and we still don't consider anything, there is no value of their lives. If they kill one of us, it becomes national news, so we can see how crazy we are, how cunning we are, how selfish we are. 

These points are something that one should take note of and try to analyse it because it is something that we are morally bound to think about. As a person, we can think, talk and do so many things that animals can't do whereby with such abilities comes the responsibility, responsibility to change the world and make it a better place to live in. As for me, I can not promise much but then I will always try my best to change the world in my own small ways.