Friday, 29 November 2013

As I move North

As I gaze outside,
I see myself getting closer.
With winds blowing, so fast
I feel frightened.
so, to ease my flimsy mind
I try to get sleep which seems inconceivable
for I am excited to see home.

Journey seems traceless
but my mind is set for the target.

As I move north
I feel safe,
it keeps me reminding that I am on my way
As I move, further
I feel colder, signifying home,
Home that I have longed for days.

When the train stops on station
I see people with patient less faces
wanting all to hop in
Now and then, we see seller’s
with sweets, tea, fruits and cold drinks and so on,
shouting their possession to be passed on
as I grape one and swallow
it gives me the fervour to stay awake

With each passing second
I feel closer
my nerve gets the information
that I am not much far from home.

Thoughts are surrounded by parents,
my love escorts them
with my sisters awaiting together
I dream my family standing there,
and all I need is to be there, together.


  1. "and all I need is to be there, together" is appealing to me :)
    Nice piece!

    1. Hahahaha...yes you are dear...miss you, take care...:)

  2. " I dream my family standing there," I think same. :-) Hope you went home once before starting your internship? Nice poetry. Write more. :-)

    1. Haha..yeah bro we all suffer from homesick...:) I tried to go but then due to work load i couldn't make it there so, probably i ll be going right after internship is done...thank q for visiting again too take care and have fun.....

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you bro for visiting again...:D :D :D