Tuesday, 31 December 2013

The New Year

With the New Year approaching, the countdown is soon going to commence. The time has come to bid farewell to the present year and welcome the New Year. While on this beautiful eve when I sit on my regular chair and open facebook to see the updates, I do not feel good, it feels wrong to be in room tonight, it gives me the bad feeling of being here. I see people updating their status in facebooks wishing prosperous year. I see them updating their plans for the New Year. I can picture how excited people are with their loved ones accompanying them, I am sure they are going to party this eve. 

In a glimpse of time, twenty thirteen has ended and as I look back, I see I have done nothing but then grown one year older. I can see myself became old but I have achieved very little to be happy of bidding farewell to this year. I promised so many things to myself when this year started, but the result I see is much less and unexpected. But, then I feel good in some ways because the year has gone very swiftly, I did not get sick and I was fine both mentally and physically. 

At this point of time when the New Year is just on the threshold, I promise to myself to be good and to do good. I have nothing much as a resolution for this New Year because I know I will not be able to achieve so, I wish I can be good to others and do well to others.

And yes, I miss my dear tonight. I, on the other hand, am sitting on my chair with a cup of hot water, reading the updates on the facebooks and twitter, and wishing I could be one of those lucky people who are going to the party this eve. How I wish I could be there with my beautiful girl tonight, holding her hand and asking her for the eve. I want to empty my pocket tonight. I want to take her to the party tonight and spend every penny I got in my pocket. Such occasions makes one miss ones beloved so much more than the other days.

Monday, 30 December 2013

I see her in pain

The child out of his stupidity and innocence grabbed the running car that resulted a minor injury to his leg. His elder sister who is few years older than him saw the incident and comes home rushing, only to bring the dreadful news to the mother. She exaggerates the facts and says that his leg fell under a running car whereby he got hurt seriously. Instantly the mother gets shocked, she gets alarmed, tears falls down her soft cheek as she roughly stands up to run to the spot. As she runs forward, she sees her son there smiling to her. Her boy is in pain she knows that but the boy still smiles because he is afraid of his stupidity and he fears that his mother may beat him. But then the mother still continues to cry, may be now the reason is different, different because now she drops her tears out of contentment that her son is not injured much like she thought.

When she gets there, I do not know the reason behind but then she started to beat him, he is already injured a little and on addition, the mother starts beating him. I wonder what she was doing. As she beats her son, I can see her in pain but I wonder what kind of pain is she having? May be she was angry at his stupidity or maybe she was happy that he isn’t injured much and out of anxiety she is beating him. Interestingly, after she beats her son, she holds his hand takes him home, makes him seat near her and she cooks his favourite dish for him. The child eats the food and forgets all his pain and in a moment, you will find him smiling again and going back to the field to play. 

The answers are all hidden in her; mothers are very difficult to understand. Their way of thinking is completely different, it is difficult for us to understand them in times but we know there love and care for us. We know how much they worry for us, we know how much boundless is their love for us, we know how important are they for us. From the moment, we are conceived in their womb they started to take care of us. As a mother, they did not let us be burned by fire, they did not let us to be washed away by rivers, and they have always been watching us with intense love and care.


I love you so much mother.

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

We are Happy

It is a beautiful day today. The promising sun has already brightened my village before my wake and the clouds are disappearing with the each brightening rays falling over them. I can hardly see the moon. I can feel the gentle air blowing around me. It is a beautiful Wednesday morning, promising me the luck for a day and making me realize that I am one day older than the previous day.

How promising my village looks today? I wonder if there is any place more beautiful than this, I wonder if United States for that matter can be compared with my village. I feel proud to say that we are happy and we have everything that a man would need for survival.

With the grace of mighty god, due to the kindness of his majesty and owing to the luck of people, we have everything, everything that a man needs in life. We have homes to sleep, we have foods to eat, we have cloths to wear and all those necessary items that a man need, just like the people in United States would be having. Starting from medical facilities, educations, and communications, we get everything. In addition, the interesting fact is that unlike United States, here in Bhutan we get “free” education and medical facilities which makes Bhutan a better place to live in. What more do a man need?

Yes, I forgot, they are advanced, well developed and the standard of life is much higher than ours. They have made so much of inventions that Bhutan will take another century to make it up to them but then we are happy, that is all I would say. However, we have our own share of beauty, which we care a lot and feel proud to have it. That is the “PEACE” we have the natural environment we live in is so promising and fresh that our minds and hearts are always kept pleased and blissful.

With such a beauty that we hold, we get number of tourist visiting our country every year and upon asking the reason to visit our country they answer, they come here to see the beauty of our land. They visit to see what they have not seen and it is a matter of pride that we host them. I am proud to be Bhutanese and we are happy.