Wednesday, 4 December 2013

We are Happy

It is a beautiful day today. The promising sun has already brightened my village before my wake and the clouds are disappearing with the each brightening rays falling over them. I can hardly see the moon. I can feel the gentle air blowing around me. It is a beautiful Wednesday morning, promising me the luck for a day and making me realize that I am one day older than the previous day.

How promising my village looks today? I wonder if there is any place more beautiful than this, I wonder if United States for that matter can be compared with my village. I feel proud to say that we are happy and we have everything that a man would need for survival.

With the grace of mighty god, due to the kindness of his majesty and owing to the luck of people, we have everything, everything that a man needs in life. We have homes to sleep, we have foods to eat, we have cloths to wear and all those necessary items that a man need, just like the people in United States would be having. Starting from medical facilities, educations, and communications, we get everything. In addition, the interesting fact is that unlike United States, here in Bhutan we get “free” education and medical facilities which makes Bhutan a better place to live in. What more do a man need?

Yes, I forgot, they are advanced, well developed and the standard of life is much higher than ours. They have made so much of inventions that Bhutan will take another century to make it up to them but then we are happy, that is all I would say. However, we have our own share of beauty, which we care a lot and feel proud to have it. That is the “PEACE” we have the natural environment we live in is so promising and fresh that our minds and hearts are always kept pleased and blissful.

With such a beauty that we hold, we get number of tourist visiting our country every year and upon asking the reason to visit our country they answer, they come here to see the beauty of our land. They visit to see what they have not seen and it is a matter of pride that we host them. I am proud to be Bhutanese and we are happy.


  1. You made me think of my village where I would be enjoying beautiful things around. Nice work bro. Keep blogging

    1. Thank you bro...:D
      I am glad to hear that my piece of writing made you think of your beautiful home land...:) :) :)