Sunday, 6 October 2013

A Written Plan

With all my heart filled with excitements, I shall get a cab and move towards CST (College of Science and Technology) to see my dear love for the first time on the second day of my arrival to Bhutan. I can feel the gentle air awaiting for my arrival, I can see those birds who have already started singing for my welcome, I can already see my love out there at the gate waiting for me with so much of love hidden in her heart. It should not take more than fifteen minutes to reach the gate, but I am damn sure those fifteen minutes will be equivalent to thousands of years.

Yet, then what should I be doing upon reaching there? What should my actions be on seeing her? Should I shake hands or should I hug her first? On the other hand, should I just say ‘hello’ without any touch? I should rather talk to her and ask her preferences before doing anything because no matter what I do, at the end of the day all I desire is to see her happy. Okay so now, the greeting ceremony is left for her to decide, I should rather plan for the next scene. Going further I should take her on a walk, upward should be the better option because downward it is the main town with so many people and all I wish is privacy. Then we shall be walking, I shall act little bold and hold her hands while we walk and talk. I will try to make her feel comfortable with cracking jokes in between our conversations because I know my love is a timid person and the very fact that we are meeting for the first time, it is likely to see her turning red like an apple. I would really love to tease her when she turns red but then I should rather try my best to comfort her and bring her to normal.

Then we should be sitting because she might get exhausted if we kept on walking. We should sit somewhere at the top of the hill because I want to make our date the most memorable one and a place to sit on the top of the hill will make it perfect. Yes, it should be at the top of hill for we can see everything from the top and I like to feel winds, which means like a love because we can feel both but can never see. Next, it will be continued by talks on our lives, on our future, on our feelings, on our togetherness and so on. But one thing that hunts me down is the idea of we being surrounded by silence, what if our conversations gets occupied by silence, what if we get out of words and what if our first date gets filled with emptiness? 

I want to make our first date a day to be remembered for rest of our lives, I won’t let such emptiness ruin our day, I will rather prepare some notes so that at the end of the day when I close my eyes for sleep I can say to myself with a satisfaction, ‘yes we did it’. It should approximately take less than two hours and then finally, we should be back on our way to gate. Upon reaching gate, I shall accompany her to her hostel and make my way back to hotel. I can feel the mixture of feelings in me. I will be happy and glad for we are meeting for the first time and the very fact that we have finally met will make my day a day to celebrate but then on the other hand, it will be very gloomy moment to leave her. Overall, I will be happy for I have now met my Wangmo.

Like any other couples I will also go for my first date with my love, like them we will also hold our hands, like them we will also get ourselves lost in the world of romance with laughter, smiles and enjoyment accompanying us. I have read in books, seen in movies and I have seen in person so called lovebirds or lovers for that matter going for their first date. I have seen them dating, sitting side-by-side, laughing with immense love, watching each other for hours and never getting bored. How lovely do they appear, oh God! I want the same thing with mine. I too have the yearning for those moments, I have waited for this moment since immemorial time, I have waited for this for I am sure god have planned this moment for me sooner or later but it is destined. Now that my plan is ready, yes my love I shall see you soon. I AM COMING MY LOVE. 


  1. It's a very well written plan bro. And I am glad that finally you did come up with your own blog. Keep writing and all the best. Have a nice time. Tcare...:-)

  2. Nice post Tshering! When reading it, it reminded me on what I encountered last time when meeting my loved ones for the very first time :) I could feel the mood and excitement back here and made me smile and wanted it to happen again. Hahaha... However it's good memories that I shall remember'til the rest of my life :)

    1. Thank q so much for reading it and m glad that my piece of writing made you remember your day...:)