Friday, 18 October 2013

My Reasons for Schooling

Mother would hold my hand, drag me and then would even use sticks for that matter to send me school. I was innocent; I never understood the reason for me to go to school every single day. I would try to make excuse of falling sick, but she would never allow me stay home. With a cane on her hand, she would frighten me and would take me to school. I could do nothing than to cry in dismay. I never wanted to study when I was a kid but my mother wanted me to study, so I went to school with frustrations hoping every single moment for my mother to change her mind and let me stay home with her.

Then it continued and I grew little bigger, may be at around fourteen fifteen of age, I started to admire beautiful girls. I was so fond of girls by then. I would always loves to stare at those beautiful girls with such contentment that it inspired me to go to school every day. Now, I would never seek permission to stay back at home because by then I was so much engrossed to see beautiful women and school for that matter is one of the few places where you will encounter profusion of beautiful girls. So, I went to school just to satisfy my longing to see beautiful young charming girls.

As I continued schooling, I began to think of becoming someone in life. My teachers would always motivate us to have ambition in life. They would inspire us to become someone in life, they would make us imagine ourselves becoming Doctor, Engineer, Lawyer, Pilot, etc. which were so fascinating and exciting to imagine of. As a result, I got inspired to become one, so, I went to school.

Now, I suppose I understand the real meaning of going to school. I guess I do understand the importance of “Education” in life. As we say in Bhutanese, ‘Education is like an eye to see the outside world’. Education is a very big topic and its importance cannot be explained in few lines. Therefore, I am here, pursuing my bachelor’s degree with the hope to learn new things, to learn more, to know world and to reform world.


  1. Yeah....I second your view and it's somewhat similar to mine except that of watching-girls-things..:D

    1. hahaha..:P :P
      thank q for dropping in bro...tkcr, happy week end...:D

    2. Beautiful things always inspires us...:P you know what i mean?

    3. hahaha...precisely bro..haha..:D
      Happy week end..:D