Monday, 30 December 2013

I see her in pain

The child out of his stupidity and innocence grabbed the running car that resulted a minor injury to his leg. His elder sister who is few years older than him saw the incident and comes home rushing, only to bring the dreadful news to the mother. She exaggerates the facts and says that his leg fell under a running car whereby he got hurt seriously. Instantly the mother gets shocked, she gets alarmed, tears falls down her soft cheek as she roughly stands up to run to the spot. As she runs forward, she sees her son there smiling to her. Her boy is in pain she knows that but the boy still smiles because he is afraid of his stupidity and he fears that his mother may beat him. But then the mother still continues to cry, may be now the reason is different, different because now she drops her tears out of contentment that her son is not injured much like she thought.

When she gets there, I do not know the reason behind but then she started to beat him, he is already injured a little and on addition, the mother starts beating him. I wonder what she was doing. As she beats her son, I can see her in pain but I wonder what kind of pain is she having? May be she was angry at his stupidity or maybe she was happy that he isn’t injured much and out of anxiety she is beating him. Interestingly, after she beats her son, she holds his hand takes him home, makes him seat near her and she cooks his favourite dish for him. The child eats the food and forgets all his pain and in a moment, you will find him smiling again and going back to the field to play. 

The answers are all hidden in her; mothers are very difficult to understand. Their way of thinking is completely different, it is difficult for us to understand them in times but we know there love and care for us. We know how much they worry for us, we know how much boundless is their love for us, we know how important are they for us. From the moment, we are conceived in their womb they started to take care of us. As a mother, they did not let us be burned by fire, they did not let us to be washed away by rivers, and they have always been watching us with intense love and care.


I love you so much mother.

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