Tuesday, 31 December 2013

The New Year

With the New Year approaching, the countdown is soon going to commence. The time has come to bid farewell to the present year and welcome the New Year. While on this beautiful eve when I sit on my regular chair and open facebook to see the updates, I do not feel good, it feels wrong to be in room tonight, it gives me the bad feeling of being here. I see people updating their status in facebooks wishing prosperous year. I see them updating their plans for the New Year. I can picture how excited people are with their loved ones accompanying them, I am sure they are going to party this eve. 

In a glimpse of time, twenty thirteen has ended and as I look back, I see I have done nothing but then grown one year older. I can see myself became old but I have achieved very little to be happy of bidding farewell to this year. I promised so many things to myself when this year started, but the result I see is much less and unexpected. But, then I feel good in some ways because the year has gone very swiftly, I did not get sick and I was fine both mentally and physically. 

At this point of time when the New Year is just on the threshold, I promise to myself to be good and to do good. I have nothing much as a resolution for this New Year because I know I will not be able to achieve so, I wish I can be good to others and do well to others.

And yes, I miss my dear tonight. I, on the other hand, am sitting on my chair with a cup of hot water, reading the updates on the facebooks and twitter, and wishing I could be one of those lucky people who are going to the party this eve. How I wish I could be there with my beautiful girl tonight, holding her hand and asking her for the eve. I want to empty my pocket tonight. I want to take her to the party tonight and spend every penny I got in my pocket. Such occasions makes one miss ones beloved so much more than the other days.


  1. Happy New Year Dorji! It's not necessary to go to party and empty your pocket just to celebrate the new year's eve. It's wonderful to spend time alone too, like what you are doing now. Most important you feel peaceful and happy, be content and positive so it will attract more towards the upcoming year. So take care and enjoy your night! :)

    1. Thank you for your encouraging words and yes I'll try my best...:)
      Happy New Year! :)